Elias Grey’s Story

Just a few short days ago, on February 5, 2012 a baby named Elias Grey Rush was born and went to be with Jesus due to hydrops.

Elias Grey, though his life was short, had a huge purpose. This little one is pointing people to Jesus. Through his parents’ (Trisha and Ruben) testimony, we see how God is our strength in times of great trial.

I am captured by Elias’ story for many reasons. One being that he shares the same name as my son. And if that wasn’t enough to grab my attention, he was born one day apart from my firstborn.

My heart is drawn to him because of these things, but also because I know his mommy, and I feel for her. But what I have seen amazes me. The real compelling part of his story is the faith I see in his parents.

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In the midst of this extrodinary loss his mom, Trisha, said, “I believe God’s promise to me, that He will never leave me or forsake me. I believe that suffering will bring about joy. I do. I haven’t lost hope in Jesus, in my Savior.” Trisha’s testimony is amazing! Read her prayer. “My prayer has been that God would get the glory and that somehow, lives would be changed through Elias’ story on earth, however long his stay is.” I believe Trisha’s prayer is being answered. Lives are being touched. God is building faith. And God has given us a beautiful example of how He is our strength in the midst of incredible pain.

If you’d like you can read about Elias’ birthday . Also read Trisha’s post on Purposeful Pain.

If you are willing, please stop for a few moments and pray for Trisha and Ruben. They have a great Savior who is working all things together for their good, but they are still feeling tremendous loss and could use our prayers. Thank you for parntering with them in this way!