Fully Alive Kids


Today I want to introduce you to a new ministry my church is starting. It is called…

Fully Alive Kids!

Fully Alive Kids is a city-wide ministry devoted to creating an environment where parents and children encounter the radical love of God and are immersed in the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The Fully Alive Kids’ teacher, Kathy Tarr, said, “We want to see kids experience the abundance of what Jesus came to give:  gospel-generated, mind-renewing, soul-reviving, heart-rejoicing fullness of life in Christ! (Jn 10:10)”

So if you are a mommy in Knoxville, I’d love for you to join us every Tuesday at 10a.m. starting September 4th. If you want more information you can join us August 30th for Parent Orientation at 7:30- 9:30p.m. where we will introduce the ministry and answer your questions, such as:

What is Fully Alive Kids?

What Do Fully Alive Kids Look Like?

What Must Fully Alive Kids Learn?

How Will Fully Alive Kids be Taught?

Fully Alive Kids will be starting: Tuesday, September 4th, 10am-Noon at Christ Church Knoxville

 For more information, including directions, time, and registration, please visit our website: Fully Alive Kids or check out our Facebook Page. We are so excited to partner with you as parents unto seeing your kids alive and thriving in the fullness and life of Jesus! Looking forward to seeing you there!

And if you don’t live in Knoxville, you can still participate!  You wont want to miss what is happening on the Fully Alive Kids Blog! Because godly parenting is such a passion of mine, I’ll be writing on there once a week with a recap of the week’s lesson as well as giving some points for the moms to implement with their children through out the week.