Relentless: Part 3

I was first inspired to document how God was moving in my life when I read the book Polishing God’s Monuments. I love how the author Jim Andrews encourages us to train ourselves to remember what God has done.

Andrews calls this monumental faith. Andrews explains this faith as the following: ”A faith that has trained itself in the midst of adversity to look back at God’s past demonstrations of his character and confirmations of his promises.” He says, “These monuments are a testimony of what he will do in the present, regardless of the difficult things that are happening” (44).

I want my faith to be trained. I want to pray with faith and hope in God and remember how He works even when my circumstances are really hard.

After I read Polishing God’s Monuments, I saw the idea of documenting prayer requests on Kelly’s Blog. When I saw how encouraging and faith building that was to my heart, I knew I needed to remember what Jesus was doing in my life and in the lives of those closest to me. So I created a Prayer Requests page on this blog earlier this year, and now I keep a personal journal full of requests and answers.

I love remembering God’s faithfulness. And what is exciting is you can do this too!

Prayer Tip: Document God’s Faithfulness

1) Buy A Journal.

I don’t know about you, but I love a good journal. The colors and styles are great and make documenting what God is doing ever more fun. I have recently been in love with this kind of journal, but any kind will work for this project.

2) Write The Names or Needs In Your Journal.

Once you have your journal picked out. Begin to categorize the needs that you want to pray for. I record my prayer needs in four different categories. I have a separate pages for:

  • Salvation
  • People Waiting (this is also broken up into people: waiting for a baby, a godly marriage, a breakthrough, etc…)
  • Health
  • Provision (This could be a financial need, a request for wisdom, a need for help that only God can provide.)

Once I have these categories in place, I begin to write people’s names under them. Here is a picture of my salvation page.

3) Document How God Answers.

Once you have the names written down, pray! Don’t get so caught up in cute journals and organization that you miss out on actually praying for people.

Once you’ve cried out for them and God breaks through record what He has done. God will move in hearts, provide, and speak in ways that only He can. And when He does, get out your pen. Document. When you see Him move, take note. Write it down. I guarantee this will encourage you in future times of doubt or discouragement.

And if God hasn’t been answered a specific request yet, just leave the space blank. And keep praying! Be encouraged by James 5:16b, “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” Keep crying out to God! His timing is perfect.

Do you have a prayer request? I’d love to pray for you.

Feel free to email me your prayer requests here. I’d be honored to partner with you.

Recently I read over how the Lord has answered our prayers this year and I was amazed. My faith increased when I remembered how God provided for so many families that I know. When there wasn’t a way, He made one. He’s given wisdom. He’s provided financially. He’s opened up several jobs. He’s provided a car for one family. He’s provided for real needs. He is amazing!

When I looked over the list, I remembered how God healed several people this year. He literally touched their bodies and made them well. As I recounted how He’s been moving, I thought about how God has brought new life. At least two people who were struggling to have babies are pregnant right now! And God is sustaining those little lives. He is sovereign!

My faith cannot help but be strengthened when I think about the most amazing thing that I’ve seen Him do. He has brought salvation to a sweet friend. He is good! He is relentless in pursuing hearts, and I want to be one who relentlessly pursues Him.

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