A Thanksgiving Day Tradition

I love Thanksgiving Day! It is a great reminder of the lifestyle that Christ has called us to. When we give thanks it is a testimony of God’s grace in our lives. When we give thanks we are praising a person: God. And He is worthy of our praise, because He is the one who has delivered us from sin and bondage and made a way for us to have life.

I love this holiday because we get to celebrate what God has done. At our house we have a Thanksgiving tradition. We stuff the turkey, bake the pumpkin pie, and prepare different foods like everyone else, but we also like to pause and thank God by documenting what He has done.

(You can read about our Thanksgiving Day Tradition here.)

Why do we take time to write down what we are thankful for? We write it down because thanksgiving is a powerful activity and we want to cultivate and sustain lives of thanksgiving. In a recent blog post (the best one I’ve found on Thanksgiving so far) my pastor said, “What a powerful activity thanksgiving is! It is fueled by the grace of God and flows into the glory of God!”

As I think about the grace the Lord has poured out on my family this year, I can’t help but give testimony and thanks to God.

In Nathan’s post he also said, “When we publicly credit God for His gifts in our life, He looks as great and good as He really is!” So today I thought it would be fun to publicly give thanks to God for some of the ways I’ve seen God move this year. This post could probably be as long as the Mississippi River if I wrote everything down, but I will just highlight a few things.

This year we have seen God answer our prayers. He poured out His grace by hearing our cries:

- Vincent- is my new nephew who was just born a few days ago. Early on in my sister’s pregnancy it looked like Vincent wasn’t going to make it. It was so bad that the ultrasound tech asked my sister this question, “Did the doctor tell you that you were pregnant?” She asked that because she couldn’t see a baby.

At that point we were all feeling devastated, but we cried out to the Lord for this little life and God came. Two days later that same tech found a beating heart. And just last week I heard Vincent cry as he entered the world. Our God heard our cries I am so thankful for the grace of the Lord and for His sovereignty in letting us enjoy little Vinnie! I am thankful for a God who brings life.

- God called Mark and I to minister in Romania in October. And God miraculously provided for our entire trip. We saw Him move in people’s hearts to give and support the work He was doing there. And because of His grace we saw salvation; unity brought to the church, and transformed hearts. I am so thankful for a God who provides for our needs.

- I am thankful for God’s radical pursuit of our hearts. As we know the human heart is prone to growing cold. But this year we have seen the Lord again and again come after our hearts. He has faithfully brought life through His word, and both Mark and I have been so encouraged by our church. People have spoken words of life over our hearts and by the grace of God we are loving Jesus more today. I am thankful for a God who loves us.

Happy Thanksgiving!