Christmas Cookie Exchange

I almost had a panic attack last week. I realized that I was going to my first ever cookie exchange and I actually had to make cookies. Like homemade cookies. That shouldn’t have been a problem, but in the past my version of making homemade cookies was opening up a bag of Oreos.

However, even though I had little cookie baking experience, I really wanted to participate so I did what any normal woman would do. I called my mom as fast as I could and asked for a recipe that a six-year-old couldn’t mess up. Then I got on Pinterest for even more fun ideas.  I ended up making peanut butter cookies. Some were dipped in chocolate and had peanut bits sprinkled on top and some were left plain.

My sweet friend from church, Kelly hosted the party and did an amazing job! She lives a little distance away so a group of us met at church and caravanned over to her house.

Kelly’s house was gorgeous. Everything was decorated for Christmas and she was such a great hostess! At the party we had a fun time talking while we ate, and then we played a Christmas carol game.

Now if you could be a fly on the wall in my car, you would know that I can sing almost all of the Christmas songs. But for some reason when the pressure is on and the game started all the lyrics went into hiding in my brain. They wouldn’t come out. I could barely remember Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

After the Christmas carol game, we played a quick game of charades. I am still laughing about some of the things we did!

Next Kelly read to us and shared some Scripture to encourage us. I love that she planned that. Then it was on to the cookie exchange—where we stuffed our boxes full of cookies. I left with a giant box full of goodies. The Mocha Cookies were by far my favorite.

 The party was so fun! I hope it becomes a yearly tradition.