Do You Have Bible Reading Plan?

Do you have a Bible reading plan for 2013?

Now that the holidays are over, I am starting to plan what I am going to do for 2013. I read a great article by John Piper on the importance of planning, and I feel inspired to set goals for such an important part of my life. As I am thinking through all of this, I thought I would share what I am finding.

The ESV Bible has come up with ten different reading plans that are awesome. You can get it on your RSS feed, through a daily email, on mobile, etc… And you choose what works for you. One year I read through the whole Bible and loved it. I did it with my cousin Leah so that I would finish strong and not give up three weeks into January. I suggest finding a buddy if you choose this route.

Last year I did something a little different and am leaning more toward this option again. I focused on a few books and tried to master them. The basic premise is this:

1) Each month you pick a book of the Bible to read. You can choose which ever book of the Bible you want. With this plan I often choose a short book or one that I am particularly interested in.

2) Read the book continuously. Read the book over and over and over. Everyday read the book in its entirety.  Let it get into you. Read it. Memorize it. See the connections the book makes at the beginning and end. Swim in the beauty of God’s word. And before you know it you will be mastering the book and it will be mastering you.

3) Pray through the book. As you start meditating on the themes, language, and messages of Scripture, pray through the book. Ask the Holy Spirit to illumine the Scriptures. Ask the Father to work the truths into your heart. Ask God to examine your heart. Ask Jesus to make known the Father. Pray the word into your situations and circumstances and watch your year be different. Watch your heart come alive. Watch God’s word not return void.

I first got this idea from my pastor Nathan Tarr and read this article on mastering the Bible. I would like to encourage you to read the Bible this year. Even if you don’t follow your plan exactly or miss a day–read.

The reason we do this is so that our hearts will worship God. So let’s make it a priority to get to know Him more this year. A plan can help us, but no matter what you decide to do, read the Bible. He makes Himself known through it. And believe me, you won’t want to miss out!

p.s. For more plans check out Justin Taylor’s blog! And today’s photo was taken by Brian A. Jackson.