I am a Storyteller Link-Up | Valentine Edition

It’s time for our fourth I am a Storyteller link-up!

I am so excited about this month’s topic and can’t wait to hear all of your stories about love! I know that as we share our stories and different expressions of love (get full prompt here), we will show different aspects of God’s creativity.

Whether we share our stories through writing, photography, dance, music, or art each one of us will uniquely point to God. We may have a thousand different voices, but we will be telling a single story. We will be telling the story of God. And our stories will point to a person- Jesus!

I want to encourage you to share your story if it is hilarious or serious. We need your voice. Only you can share it!

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My Story

In a small Romanian church, I sat down to hear my pastor, Nathan Tarr teach Romanian men and women the Bible. I had just finished preparing the testimony I would share later that evening. As I plopped down in my seat, I wasn’t prepared for what God was about to do in my heart.

As I began to hear Nathan’s words from John 4, the Holy Spirit began to speak straight to my heart. Nathan shared the most clear and powerful presentation of the Gospel I have ever heard.

Nathan explained that Jesus came in the pattern of Jacob and Isaac. And John 4 gives a picture of Jesus coming to a well to find his bride.

Unlike Jacob and Isaac, who find beautiful and pure wives at a well, Jesus finds the Samaritan women. Here is a women living an adulterous life—a women living in the world and not with the one that truly loves her.

But Jesus came for her. He came for a women who was half Gentile and half Jew and who was still living in sin.

Jesus spoke. He told the women everything she had done and the women was transformed. Unlike Rachael and Rebekah, the Samaritan women was not pictured as beautiful or pure, but was instead made beautiful by the words of her true lover.

As I sat in my seat, I had to fight back tears because that story is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel. I thought about how Jesus came for both the Jews and the Gentiles. And how he came to make a person like me his bride. He had come for me. And he loved me like that.

I thought about how lives are broken and messed up until Jesus comes. But when He speaks we are made beautiful. When Jesus tells us everything we have done, our hearts are freed and we can’t help but be moved and led to repentance. When God encounters us, He makes us his bride.

I love what the Samaritan women did, she ran into her village and told everyone what Jesus had said. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Her testimony had become her ministry.

I can’t describe what happened in that small Romanian church, other than to say the Lord came. He revealed himself to us through the word. And Romanian men who had lived under communism were weeping. The interpreter was weeping. And I was weeping.

Overwhelmed by the God who came to save us, we knew ourselves loved by Him.

So today as we share about love I am thankful for a God who comes for an unfaithful people—a God who speaks and transforms his bride.

And from a place of rejoicing in my salvation and knowing that God loves me, I celebrate this Valentine’s Day and the love that Mark and I share. It is God who makes that love possible. And today as I am blessed by two little adorable smiles from my babies, I celebrate the love that overflows from my heart to theirs. God has made that possible.