Our Date Night


On Saturday Mark and I had a date night to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Mark planned such a special evening for me. He got us a reservation at our favorite local restaurant. I love Naples! It is the restaurant we went to the night we got engaged. I can’t help but replay that special memory in my mind every time we go there.

At dinner we had the sweetest conversation. We reminisced about the  last five years and talked about all the fun things we’ve been able to do together. I loved our conversation, and was so happy to have my best friend sitting across from me.

As we were eating, I asked our waiter to take our picture, because we never get date night pictures. After he snapped a photo, I seriously started laughing like a goon. He gave us absolutely no warning as to when he was going to take the picture so we both looked like deer caught in the head lights. For some reason that got me so tickled that I erupted in laughter.

After I recovered from my laughing attack, Mark and I went to Café 4 in Market Square for some coffee and dessert. I am so thankful for my man and our fun date night!