Why I Love My Job


Lately I’ve really been enjoying my job as a reporter. I’ve been able to interview some really fun people, and I’ve even been taking a few more risks in getting stories. Sometimes I pretend that I’m Lois Lane from the old Superman comics and that always makes writing and interviewing  such a fun adventure.

Last month here on the blog, I wrote a post about my friend Jessica whose baby was diagnosed with Non-Immune Hydrops and recounted how God miraculously healed her. I had such an overwhelming response to that post through email, and Facebook that I knew people in our local community needed to hear Evie’s story too.

So I set up a time to interview Andy and Jessica. I won’t lie I was nearly in tears several times as I heard them describe her story again. I forgot so many of the scary details and how much of a miracle she is. It made me so thankful to get to share her story with the people in our city. And it was an honor to share a testimony about what the Lord had done.  

Evie’s article came out on Mother’s Day, which I thought was so perfect. And to our surprise she was even mentioned on the front page. Andy and Jessica did such a good job in giving Jesus all the glory. And they really showed how He  sustained them, and how He came and healed their daughter. If you’d like to read her story you can here. The full story is on page A-7.

Happy Wednesday friends!