Journey to Motherhood

I love writing for the Farragut Shopper Newspaper because I get to share faith based stories with the people in my city! This week I got to share my sister’s story. Her journey to motherhood has been a hard one, but God has been so faithful. This is the story that came out in todays paper.

Dani Bruno always dreamed of being a mother. As her little girl dreams became reality, the road to motherhood would be anything but easy for Bruno.

After falling in love at college, Joey and Dani Bruno were wed December, 2010. Shortly after their beautiful winter wedding the happy couple decided they were interested in having children in the near future.

Sadly, in October of 2011, the Brunos lost their first baby to miscarriage at seven weeks. Hot tears rolled down Dani’s face as she had to say goodbye to her little one, and she began the journey of waiting all over again. 

It wasn’t until five months later that Dani’s childhood dream was again realized.  

“I found out I was pregnant on March 24th, and everything was good,” said Dani Bruno. “We were so excited!”

Unfortunately the Bruno’s excitement was soon traded for concern when Dani began to show signs of another miscarriage. At six and a half weeks pregnant, Dani was rushed to the doctor for an ultrasound.

“We should have been able to see a heartbeat by then,” Dani commented. But on April 2, 2011 the doctors could not find any signs of pregnancy. Ultrasound technologist, Tina Harris found a collection of fluid adjacent to the sac that showed no signs of a baby. “These fluid collections can be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage; especially if it is larger than 50% of the size of the gestational sac and this was the case with Dani’s ultrasound,” said Harris.

“There was no baby,” recalled Dani.  “We’d lost another one. We cried.”

The doctor asked Dani to undergo several blood tests in hopes that future pregnancies would be sustainable. “They told me that this probably won’t be for this pregnancy because it is too late, but it will be for the next one,” Dani commented. “And this gave us hope for a future baby.”

As the couple left the doctor’s office, the Brunos made an astounding decision. They had praised God in the good times. They would praise him in the hard times as well. “The Lord is still good,” Dani said. “On the way home, we decided that we would praise the Lord and that our faith wasn’t contingent on getting a baby.”

Immediately family and friends surrounded the couple in prayer. Leon and Sharon Dupeire, Dani’s grandparents, were so concerned that they flew in from Arizona to be with the Brunos. “They walked through it with me,” Dani remembered.

Two days later Joey and Dani found themselves in the ultrasound room waiting for a confirmation that the baby was gone. “I didn’t mourn without hope,” Dani said. “The Lord knew what was going on. And we kept praying.”

The ultrasound machine displayed nothing short of a miracle. The Brunos saw their six and a half week old embryo and heard a healthy heartbeat. “Dani’s second ultrasound revealed a definite gestational sac, a yolk sac and a fetal pole with cardiac activity-105 beats per minute,” commented Harris. “This was very promising.” Tears fell down Dani’s face again, but this time is was tears of joy.

On November 15, 2012 Dani and Joey welcomed 6 lb. 3 oz. Joseph Vincent Bruno III into the world. “His name literally means ‘more than a conqueror,’” Dani said smiling. “We all had to be more than conquerors.”

As Dani cuddled her baby on delivery day, she remembered how the Lord had worked powerfully in her life. Through this little life that she now held in her arms, she found God to be a miracle worker. “He saves lives,” Dani said.

“I can only imagine how difficult waiting was for Dani.  Thankfully, everything went well during the remainder of her pregnancy,” noted Harris.  “I believe all pregnancies are a miracle and gift from God.”