The Life and Times of Elias

Elias was crying in his bed the other night because he missed his daddy. Mark had been called to go to Romania for a week and I knew that is where God wanted him to be. So I snuggled in bed with Elias I began to tell him about the great adventure his daddy was having. With hand motions and elaborate details I told Elias that his daddy was unlocking the doors to a church so people could hear about Jesus. I shared that Mark was preaching the Gospel to pastors and that He was being obedient to the Lord by going.

In about three seconds, Elias tears ceased to fall and a smile danced across his face as he pictured his daddy having a great adventure. “Does he have the key?” his little voice asked. “You’ll have to ask him when he gets home” I smiled back. “Was the door locked?” This question was followed by a flood of others. I did my best to answer them. Then I rubbed my hand over his cheek. I pulled him nearer to kiss him on the head and said goodnight.

The next day after nap I heard a thud upstairs so I walked up to see what was going on. When I went into his dark room his desk was turned over and his big eyes were staring at me.

He shouted, “Good morning!” And before I could respond he said, “Mama! I’m building a church. Now all of my a-mum-als (animals) can go!!! See this is the door and it is locked! But he had let them all go in.

He was pretending to be Mark in Romania letting people come to church.

Elias then told me, “God told me to build an ark for my a-mum-als and I said Yes God!” He continued, “God told me to shut the door too, so I did.” Elias put his animals in the “church/ark” and closed the door so they could stay in.

I know it may seem silly that a three year old is playing “missionary” or “Noah’s ark” but I saw something in him that was so amazing. He wasn’t just playing. He was “listening” to what Jesus was telling him. His heart had a yes in it and I love that.

I told Elias that God was going to use him to do great things for the kingdom and that I couldn’t wait to see what it was. One day he really may get to build churches and help people find safety from judgment. His sweet “yes” and willing spirit were so special to me. I want to have that same “yes” in my spirit when it comes to obeying God.