Blueberry Picking (and a link-up)

The sun was shining and the rain had finally disappeared. My friend Lauren called me and asked if we would like to come blueberry picking with them so we jumped into our car and headed two minutes down the road to the Beauchene family’s farm.

Before we knew it we had picked two pounds of blueberries. Our buckets were quickly filling up and Elias and Owen were in heaven. They loved being outside and they especially loved seeing their friend Ezra.

As we were leaving I noticed a man setting up a camera, but didn’t really think a thing about it until later that night when I saw Owen and I go walking by on channel six News. They ran a news clip on the farm and on the families coming to get blueberries. I was secretly relieved that it only lasted three seconds because we were definitely dressed for blueberry picking and not a news appearance.

When we got home we sat around our square kitchen table and had a blueberry snack and I can’t wait to make a pie. Blueberry picking is one of our favorite summer activities.