The Unseen Ministry

I don’t write about this a lot, but I went to college to study the Bible. I wanted to know how to read my Bible well so I jumped into every Theology and Greek class I could get in. I knew in my heart there was so much there, and I wanted to understand the depth that can be found in Scripture’s pages.

What I found as I gained my degree in Biblical Studies and Biblical languages was that my heart was fascinated by the God I encountered- not just the information I learned. Scripture is rich and deep. It affects every part of life. There is so much wisdom. The Bible understands people. And it points weak hearts to a strong God.

Not only did I love studying the word of God, but I have become intrigued by people who shaped their lives after it. As I have studied Christians throughout church history, I began to find that God has raised up many men to contend for the truth of the Gospel.

And as I’ve looked deeper into those men’s lives, I’ve found wives like Sarah Edwards, Susannah Spurgeon, and Ann Judson who encouraged them to “fight the good fight.” These women wanted their husbands to “finish the course” as 2 Timothy 4:7 would say.

Through the loving prayers, encouragement, and sacrifice of these wives, God raised up men to share the Gospel.

Things I can learn from these women are…

  1. Praying, encouraging, and sacrificing for our men is an important ministry. So fight for your husband even though this is often times an unseen ministry.
  2. Have a personal relationship with Christ, independent from your husband and draw strength God.
  3. Engage intellectually and theologically. These women were kindred spirits with their husbands and were very like-minded in their doctrine.
  4. Share a sweet union with your husband, so he can face his meanest foes. And enjoy God’s presence together in a way that you couldn’t alone.
  5. Be a place where your husband can lean. Be tender yet strong.
  6. Fully embrace your husband’s vision and ministry. Give to him, your children, your church, etc…
  7. Be willing to face persecution with your husband. Join him in “not being ashamed of the gospel” (Romans 1:16).
  8. Count the Gospel worthy of your life. We will not be perfect women. We will have struggles and weakness, but we can be contenders for the faith.  

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