Fully Alive Kids

This week we started Fully Alive Kids at our church!

Fully Alive Kids is a city-wide ministry devoted to creating an environment where parents and children encounter the radical love of God and are immersed in the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I love taking the boys because they get to encounter Jesus. Through worship, teaching, crafts, prayer, and stories the boys are getting a chance to learn about who Jesus is.

I love the worship and teaching! And I like that they help Mark and I teach our kids some foundational catechisms. One of the Fully Alive Kids’ teachers, Kathy Tarr, said, “We want to see kids experience the abundance of what Jesus came to give:  gospel-generated, mind-renewing, soul-reviving, heart-rejoicing fullness of life in Christ! (Jn 10:10)” I so want my boys to be fully alive and in love with Jesus!!!

This week we learned about Jesus being our Redeemer. We saw how Jesus redeems people from all over the world! What an amazing God we serve.