Framed Hair Bow Holder DIY

I can’t wait to put bows in my daughter’s hair! I am so excited about it. I’ve already started giving Mark pep talks about how her bows might be as big as her head. He just smiles and laughs at me.  

As I’ve been working in baby girl’s nursery, I found that bows and headbands can actually be really cute art if they are displayed nicely. So today I thought I’d share the Framed Hair Bow Holder DIY that I did for her room.

First, purchase ribbon that coordinates well with the room you are decorating. Also buy small metal hooks, decorative flowers, and a wooden frame.

Second, paint the frame the color of your choice.  

Third, attach ribbon to the back side of the frame. You can staple or nail it on. You can also use a hot glue gun.

Fourth, screw in hoods to the bottom of the frame.

Fifth, attach decorations to the front of the frame (optional). I added flowers from Hobby Lobby.

Sixth, clip on bows and hang headbands.  

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