Creating The Mood For Autumn (and a link-up)

I love autumn! It is by far my favorite season. It means it is time to pull out the cardigans, sip on a Caramel Apple Spice, and sit by a warm fire. The leaves begin to change and a slightly cool breeze begins to blow. It makes evening walks perfect.

On the first day of Fall I always like to make a pumpkin pie to celebrate the changing seasons. We pretty much love any reason to celebrate over here.

This year Elias has caught my love for autumn. The other day he came up to me and out of the clear blue asked with big eyes, “Is it Fall?” I smiled at him and whispered, “It was right around the corner.” A little smirk crept onto his face and he shouted, “Is it Pumpkin time?”

The next two days were filled with questions about when we would be going to the pumpkin patch . Apparently last year made a huge impression. Since our field trip isn’t scheduled until later, I was delighted when I found a local family selling pumpkins, Indian corn, and other fall items from their garden. They were literally two minutes from my house!

I grabbed Elias and told him we were going on a secret adventure. His smile couldn’t be hidden and when we pulled up and he saw pumpkins I wish you could have seen his face. It was sheer delight. He picked out his favorite one and we put it by our front door.

Some of our favorite ways to create the mood for autumn are…

  1. Creating a beautiful Fall aroma. I love Bath and Body work’s wall flowers. We are currently using the Leaves scent. It instantly makes me happy.
  2. We love to bring out a few of our favorite Fall dishes.
  3. Fall drinks are a favorite. We love to get them from Starbucks if we are out, or even better we love to make the best homemade Caramel Apple Spices in our own kitchen.
  4. Pumpkins must be present! I love to have one by the front door.
  5. We love to make Pumpkin Pies on the first day of Fall.
  6. Cardigans and warm sweaters are a must.
  7. Building a fire (inside or out) is so fun.

 How do you like to create the mood for autumn?