5 Benefits of Taking a Sports Class (and a link-up)

Owen and I have had a blast watching Elias play soccer. We’ve kept busy on the sidelines with a small soccer ball and by eating a lot of goldfish.

While watching Elias play Owen kept saying, “Ture..p-ture!” (Translated: Take my picture mom!) My camera was tucked away in the diaper bag somewhere, but I had to pull it out and snap a few pictures of him as he blurted out “CHEESE!”

The boys worked on their soccer skills and impressed their old mother! Elias dribbles so well and Owen can stop the ball now. I am convinced that two little soccer stars have been born. Not that I’m biased or anything.

After the class we headed over to the park and let the boys run around some more. Baby girl and I hung out, but I’m pretty sure she wanted to play soccer with the boys with how much she was kicking.

Benefits of having kids take a sports class

  1. A sports class builds confidence. As a two or three year old, everything is new. An introductory class that allows mom and dad to come be the comfort zone is really nice and it will build kid’s confidence before they join other leagues.
  2. A sports class teaches new skills. Elias can actually dribble a soccer ball correctly, stop it with his foot, and pass it really well because it is what they’ve gone over in class. I love watching him learn new things.
  3. A sports class is a great way to interact with new people. I love that Elias is learning to play soccer with other kids as well as learning how to receive instruction from a coach.
  4. A sports class is a great way for kids to get a little physical exercise. Running and playing sports is really fun, and is so beneficially for health.
  5. A sports class is a great way for kids to spend time with a parent. One of my favorite parts of Elias’ class is that he gets to do it with his dad. Elias’ smile is so bright when Mark tells him that he is proud of him. And his eyes seem to grow bigger with excitement when Mark tells him he’s going to learn something new. I love the time they get to spend together.

For those in our area I would recommend Cool Sports! We have had an excellent experience and have found that the coaches and players are all so friendly and nice.