Fun Stuff Fridays | Joules

As we kiss the summer’s heat goodbye, I can’t help but smile because the breeze of autumn is finally blowing in.

Mark and I always anticipate autumn’s arrival. It is our favorite season. We love to watch the leaves begin to float through the air as the wind chases itself around. We love to watch the trees begin to sway with new colors as the crisp air weaves itself through the landscape. It is as if God has hand painted each tree with new splashes of red, orange, and yellow.

As creation begins to change I always want to step outside and drink in all the colors of fall. I want to grab a sweater and have a warm drink. As winter’s chill is on the horizon, I love pulling out warm jackets for the boys and bundling them up before we head outdoors.

This year my boys are wearing jackets from Joules. Joules is one of Britain’s best loved children’s clothing brands that has recently crossed to the pond and is now available in the US. Known for their devotion to crafting high quality clothing, Joules has captured true British style for three decades. As we say hello to cooler weather, I love that Elias and Owen can have such a fun winter and autumn style.

This year Owen is wearing a fleece jacket that releases his inner lumberjack! He is always carrying sticks around our back yard or is playing on the wood pile, so I felt like this fleece-lined shirt jacket was made with him in mind. I love the charming colors of Owen’s jacket, and the quality is outstanding. I love that it is warm enough to keep out the winter winds, but cool enough to wear all fall.Elias’ favorite color is blue so this year I chose to get him a striped jacket that is designed to keep out the cold, wind, and even rain. His jacket is 100% waterproof which I love because most days he is asking if he can wear his rain boots. How perfect would this jacket be with his rain boots!? Elias can also wear his jacket all winter. It is lined with micro fleece and can be zipped in front to properly keep out a breeze. Here in Tennessee it can get pretty cold so that was important to me.I could not be happier with Elias and Owen’s new jackets. I love that I found Joules because the quality is amazing and that is something I am always searching for as a mom. I think these jackets will last season after season. And I won’t lie as the temperature starts to dip I am happy that my boys can wear jackets with such fun colors and prints!

Happy Friday!


Jackets: Joules | Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider