Give Them Grace

I was thinking about rules the other day because so much of my day consists of telling my kids to “do this” or “not to do that.”

My goal in having rules isn’t a power play on my part, but an attempt to be a faithful parent. What kind of a mom would I be if I never offered any guidance, or direction? But as I strive to invest in my boys by giving them direction I realized a few things this week.

1. Sharing God’s law and rules with my children it will not make them “good”. Think about it. How have we each responded to God’s law? We disobeyed it and if anything it highlighted our rebellion. I do not share rules to make my kids “good.”

2. God’s law serves a purpose. I should share God’s word and rules with my children not to make them “good” but to show them that they are crushed by it. When my boys see their rebellion and disobedience against God’s ways they will begin to feel crushed under the weight of the law and that will place their hearts in a position to need a Savior.

They won’t ever be “good enough.” And the beautiful reality is that they don’t have to be because Jesus was. The law can help their hearts see his love, sacrifice, and I can pray that they will be open to welcome him as their Savior. God’s law serves a purpose in that it crushes us because we can’t obey it and it helps us see our need for a Savior.

3. Once our children see their need for a Savior and have responded to Jesus in faith and repentance God’s rules will serve another purpose in their lives. God’s law will guide their regenerate heart, and we will see our children strive to keep the law because they will have a heart of gratitude. Those who have been forgiven much- love much. They will know that Jesus kept the law fully for them and that He made a way for their rebellious hearts to be set free.

As Elyse Fitzpatrick said in her book Give Them Grace

“A justified child or adult has a record of perfect obedience in God’s eyes because the obedience of the perfect Son has been transferred to him by faith…When we have Christian righteousness, God looks upon us and our believing children as being perfectly obedient, no matter how we fail.”

We can trust Jesus and love that he was “good” when we weren’t. His perfection will be a comfort and we will welcome his sanctification in our lives.