4 Tips to help you get out the door in the morning

  1. Work as a team. According to each child’s age let them help in the mornings. Kids get satisfaction from being able to complete a job. If everyone in the family works together as a team getting out the door will go smoother.
  2. Lay out expectations clearly. Make sure the kids know what you expect from them. If I randomly throw Elias a ball when he’s not looking it will most likely hit him in the face. He may be completely capable of catching it, but if he’s not ready he will not catch it and run with it.  Laying out expectations will help the littles do more of what they are capable of.
  3. Enforce what you expect. This is simple. And it can be as little as checking the progress of the morning. It may take a little discipline, or a reminder to get things done in a timely manner.
  4. Cheerfully obey God, your children will likely follow your leadership with happy obedience. As we cheerfully obey God and lead our children in the ways the Bible lays out, our kids will see that and will likely follow our leadership. As we offer instruction, discipline, and walk in the fruit of the Spirit we will be leading our children in how to handle stressful situations like getting out the door on time.