Fun Stuff Fridays | Nepali Scarf

On Wednesday I met my sister at the park for lunch. Somehow neither of us realized that is was going to be freezing outside so Dani came in flip-flops and I came without a jacket. The breeze that blew over the lake nearly chilled us to the bone. We let the boys play on the playground but decided to eat lunch in the car in attempts to get warm. I suddenly became thankful for two things. One, a warm drink from Starbucks. Two, my Nepali scarf by TDM Design. I’ve already decided I’m wearing this scarf all winter!

Dani is due with her second baby boy only six weeks after me! We are pretty excited to be able to talk about pregnancy together and so look forward to bundling up two little newborns for our walks in the park.  

Because I love my new scarf I thought I’d share a few fun facts about Nepali Scarves:
1. Nepali scarves are affordable, high quality, natural, eco-conscious scarves.
2. Nepali by TDM works directly with a team of women in Nepal from villages right outside of Kathmandu. Nepali works to support them with above-market compensation, access to healthcare, and scholarships for the education of their children in order to help break the cycle of poverty.
3. Each piece is hand-made with intricate workmanship using the highest quality fibers of cashmere, bamboo, silk, modal, wool and eco-friendly azo-free dyes.