Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Holiday

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Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe on Holiday

Going on holiday is an opportunity for the whole family to let their hair down; you’ve all been working hard this year whether in school or employment, so surely that means you’re due a bit of fun? It’s sometimes quite hard to get the right balance when you’re abroad though; you want to have a good time but at the same time you’re away from home in foreign surroundings where anything could happen. So even though you would love to sleep beneath the cool shade of an umbrella on the beach, you do still need to watch what your kids are up to as they’re often the ones who are most vulnerable. Here are a few ways to keep them safe whilst you’re away:

Supervision is key near water No matter how old your children are, it’s important that they have the right level of supervision when they’re playing in or around the seashore. Just knowing the tide times isn’t enough as a boat could cause a wave that is higher than usual, or your child could injure themselves on a sharp shell or rock and fall down. Many parents like to put their chairs and umbrellas right next to the water so they can easily join their kids in the water. The swimming pool is also another common place for accidents as there are slippery surfaces and occasional loose tiles surrounding it. The pool itself may not be clean enough for swimming – more people pick up bugs here than you may think. You can read more info about these hazards online.

Watch what they’re eating There are all sorts of strange and wonderful things to eat when you’re on holiday, but take care to observe what your kids are eating too. Buffets are a common culprit of illness; either because the food has not been prepared, cooked or stored in a hygienic manner, but also because your kids could just fill up on junk food! If your child has an allergy to certain foods, it might be better if you picked their food from the buffet instead. However to be sure the food won’t be contaminated with the allergen, it might be best if you stayed in a holiday apartment where you can cook them a meal instead. They could always have a bowl of ice cream in a restaurant later on if you want something authentic to eat.

Protect them from the sun Finally, you should always make sure your kids are adequately protected from the sun. It is surprising just how little exposure it takes to result in sunburn, something which can be very painful and uncomfortable, as well as being a risk later on in life. Bring plenty of Factor 50 with you and make sure to follow the directions on the bottle to maximise protection levels. It’s also important to put it on yourself! If you see locals on the beach, they’re always putting it on and they still get lovely tans.