5 Thanksgiving Traditions To Start Now

Here are five new Thanksgiving Traditions to consider:

  1. Get back to the books- Chances are, many of the kids (and maybe even adults) don’t remember what they learned in history class about Thanksgiving. Why not head to the library and find a few books about Thanksgiving, pilgrims, and Native Americans prior to the holiday. Read up and enjoy remembering how the holiday was started. If you find a family favorite, read that book together every year.  
  2. Go for a walk- if you are feeling really ambisious you could even to a turkey trot (5k)
  3. Write it down- Make a thanksgiving tree where you have each family member write down what they are thankful for each night at dinner. On Thanksgiving Day we also add a 3×5 notecard full of what we are thankful into our Thanksgiving box and then revisit the previous years. (Note: the more specific you are in what you are thankful for the more fun it is to remember later).
  4. Bake together- Get everybody in the kitchen. Make it a party by having some fun music going.
  5. Give back to the community- Visit people in the nursing home, give to a local food bank, or invite someone who may be feeling lonely to your Thanksgiving dinner.

*photos courtesy of Pinterest. (1/2/3)