Zhu Garden | Pencilled Daydream Food Tour

Mark and I pass Zhu Garden all the time and we have never noticed it. It is a little Chinese restaurant tucked in between a few shops and apparently it is easy to miss. But we didn’t know what we were missing!

As part of our Pencilled Daydream food tour we try one new restaurant or type of food each month. And then we fill in what we thought about it in our food passports. This month we tried Zhu Garden.

On the night we went to Zhu Garden, Mark and I were hungry for Chinese food so we began to search the web for a new place to try (that had high ratings). We pulled into the tiny restaurant that only had twelve tables or less in the whole restaurant and quickly felt at home. The servers were so friendly! Elias and Owen practically had a new best friend by the time we left.

Mark ordered General Tso’s Chicken and loved it! He gave it four stars.

I tried the sweet and sour chicken and it was delicious. I gave it four stars as well. I also had egg drop soup and it was amazing! The boys split a Moo Goo Gai Pan and liked it, but they ended up eating a lot of Mark and I’s chicken as well.  

Overall I would rate our experience with a strong four stars. Zhu Garden does take out and we will definitely want to go back next time we are craving Chinese. The service was great and the food was so yummy! If you are in Knoxville this is a little place you should know about.