15 {November} Date Night Ideas

  1. Build yourself a Thanksgiving tree. Every day in November write something you are thankful for and tie it on the tree. It is so fun to remember all of the ways we are blessed.
  2. Go for a walk in the falling leaves. Dress warm and bring a thermos of hot apple cider or hot chocolate.
  3. Make small thanksgiving dinner dishes. Why wait until Thanksgiving to eat all of your favorite foods? Enjoy making a few of them throughout the month. This will create excitement for the big day!
  4. Go sledding for the day. Head up to the closest mountain and enjoy sledding together. Bundle up!
  5. Make delicious popcorn balls together. Try this recipe.
  6. Have a Turkey bowl. Grab several friends and start a football game in the yard.
  7. Have a movie night. Bundle up in comfy pajamas and head to the movie theater. Or stay home and make forts and get cozy with a bunch of pillows. Have hot chocolate and popcorn.  
  8. Give to a local food bank or family in need. Each week in November save a percentage of your paycheck and then bless a family with a Thanksgiving feast.  
  9. Make a beautiful decoration with the falling autumn leaves.
  10.  Make Caramel Apples together. Or make caramel apple slices. 
  11. Go to a Christmas tree lighting. They are usually scheduled after or on the night of Thanksgiving.
  12. Right after Thanksgiving dinner, run home, turn on the Christmas music, and put up the tree! Enjoy each others company as you go to a Christmas tree lot.
  13. Go on a food tour, coffee tour, or dessert tour in your city.  
  14. Go Christmas shopping together. Grab some warm coffee and head out to do a little shopping.
  15. Go ice-skating together. Grab your mittens and favorite scarf a head out to an event that will be sure to spark a smile and a bunch of laughter.