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I remember when I was in college I liked to run at night. Many times I ended up running alone because friends needed to finish homework. My aunt lived close by and would continually remind me about how dangerous running alone in the city was for a young blonde like me.

Situations like that make me wish I would have known about the app React Mobile, which is a new free app for iPhones and Androids that helps enhance personal safety.The app has a “follow me” feature that lets self-selected contacts track your whereabouts in real-time.

In college I could have selected my aunt to track where I was if I ended up being alone or if I felt concerned about safety. I could have also let her know when I was finished running by simply touching the “I’m Safe” button. Then she would have known that I was safely back in my dorm.

This app is great for running or walking alone. It could also be used if you have teenagers who are on campus and feel unsure about security, or even for meeting people for the first time. If I was going to meet someone from Craigslist and for some reason Mark couldn’t come this would be such a helpful app to have.  

This app has a SOS feature that sends out a panic alert to your selected contacts containing a link to your GPS location. If I ran into an emergency situation, my friends and family would be alerted immediately by text and email.

The app also has a feature to update your Facebook and Twitter account with one touch of a button. And once the SOS alert is activated, you’re automatically prompted to dial 911.

Most of us would hopefully never have to use the SOS button, but it would be nice to have if it was needed. I also think it would be comforting to know loved ones made it home if they had a situation they were feeling unsure about.

For more information about React Mobile:

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*first photo taken by the talented Emmi Sofia