Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

After I took the boys to the Fruit and Berry Patch with our Fully Alive Kids church group last year, I knew I wanted to go back to the pumpkin patch this year.

I ended up taking maternity pictures at the Fruit and Berry Patch which was so fun! But Mark and I spent a Saturday afternoon at Oakes Farms with our boys.

We bundled the boys up in their Joules jackets because it was rather chilly and I wore my Nepali scarf. We decided to go on a hayride when we first got there, and we ran into some of our friends which made the afternoon even more fun.

Oakes farms had so many fun activities to do! One of our favorite parts of the day was going through the Kiddie Corn Maze! I am so glad we didn’t attempt the adult one because we probably would have gotten lost for hours with two little kids.

Imagine it. The sun sets: we get lost, somebody has to go potty, and then they turn it into a “haunted” corn maze playing scary music and men dressed up in costumes start jumping out at us with chainsaws. We would all traumatized for years to come. All that to say the kiddie maze was great! The boys loved it.Elias favorite part was getting to drive a little go-cart. I have never seen a happier kid. He talked about that for days.  My favorite part was watching Mark jump on the giant bouncy thing with Owen! They were being so silly and I can’t help but laugh whenever I see these pictures of them.  

Owen loved the animals. But do you see this little goat? He escaped from his pin right when we came to see him. He started running wildly through all the on looking children as if to scream “FREEDOM!”

The pumpkin patch was so fun! We will definitely want to go back to Oakes Farms next year!