Thanksgiving 2013

I have so much to be thankful for! I look around me and sometimes I can’t believe all of the ways that God has blessed me. This year I am especially thankful for marriage and motherhood. I adore my boys and sweet little girl on the way! And I absolutely love being married. My people are the greatest gifts I have!  

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. My siblings, parents, grandma, aunt, cousins, and a few friends were able to come this year. There were eight children under the age of four, so you can only imagine how lively the house was.

We each brought our favorite dishes and we feasted like kings and queens. It was so fun. I love getting to spend time with family!We also celebrated with Mark’s family this year! Elias and Owen wrestled their uncle Nathan all night long and had the greatest time. I have never seen Elias that happy and boy did he sleep well that night.

Mark’s mom made an amazing Thanksgiving feast which included her famous apple pie! It was amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!