3 Gift Giving Tips

Here is a quick gift giving guide…

1) Shop throughout the year.  Mark and I love to be creative with our generosity. And we have found that shopping throughout the year has really helped me give better gifts to family and friends while sticking to our budget. Christmas is right around the corner, but it is not to early to start thinking about next year with some of the after Christmas sales.

2) Listen and write down what people like. This will take some intentionality, but listen to what your friends and family are saying. They will tell you what they like. The key is to remember what they have said. Due to how scatter brained I can be, I have actually started a little journal where I can scribble in people’s favorite candy, fun drinks, and gift ideas. Then I’m not in a panic when I need to get them something. I can nail it. They feel known and loved and I know what they like.

3) Share your heart about the gift. Just because you give someone a “normal” gift like a gift card doesn’t mean it has to be heartless. Last Christmas I gave  my sister and sister-in-law Starbucks gift cards. Now that could seem like a last-minute gift, but it wasn’t. I got those gifts because I know they value dates with their husbands. And I know a night out with their loves would do them some good. Along with their gifts, I gave them a night of free babysitting. This will help build their marriages and give them the time and money they need to do that. A simple gift can be turned into a heartfelt gift if you share your heart.