What Not To Give

Christmas is in two days! Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? If you are frantically about to run to the store for a few last-minute gifts I thought I would help you by sharing eleven things not to get.

1) Avoid clothes. Especially reused clothes. Everyone has a different style and clothing is a major risk in gift giving.

2) Don’t give a live animal. (Unless you know they really want one.) I think puppies are so cute, but anything furry should be on the wish list before given as a surprise. This is a bad idea because it is like handing someone a very big, cute vet bill with a bow on top.

3) Don’t give self-help books such as “How to be a better…whatever… in three days!” This could be taken offensively. Spare yourself.

4) Don’t give your spouse debt for Christmas. I would love to get Mark a new car, boat, big screen TV, or something else extravagant, but after Christmas when he sees the $30,000 credit card bill I don’t think he would feel very merry.

5) Do not under any circumstance give a cheap, breakable, $10 whatever that someone tried to sell you. Nobody wants junk.

6) Don’t give your husband a tie or work shirts. This may feel like a last-minute purchase that was completely thoughtless. Spend time finding out what he would really want and get that instead.

7) Avoid Regifting. How horrible would it be to give someone a present they gave you last year? I’ve actually seen this happen. Please don’t do that to yourself!

8) Don’t give products from infomercials. They don’t need it.

9) Don’t give weight loss equipment. Nothing says, “Go on a diet!” like giving someone a treadmill when they haven’t asked for one.

10) Avoid household items. Nobody wants to open up an oven mitt for Christmas, or even worse toilet paper. If you give someone a vacuum they may be left wondering if you think their floors are always dirty.

11) Don’t give Figgy Pudding. You can read how I feel about that pudding here.