Christmas Card Scrapbook

Today I want to share a Baker Family Christmas tradition. Every year like many families we send out a Christmas card with a family photo (Last year’s cards were made at Tiny Prints). And one way that I love to document our family from year to year is by saving a family picture in a scrapbook.

I love the idea of scrapbooking! There are so many cute ways to frame photos and so many adorable stickers that can go with any theme. But you should notice that I said I like the idea of scrapbooking, not actually doing it. I will confess I’ve never actually made a scrapbook.

I am busy taking care of three babies and need a little help which is why I love this little book. A sweet friend gave this to me as part of a wedding shower gift.

This scrapbook is wonderful because all you have to do is add photos. Now that is my kind of scrapbooking! This is a great book because of how easy it is, but also because of the tradition that goes with it.

Each year I make a Christmas card that has a family photo. A great tradition is to keep one Christmas card from each year (or to take a family photo around Christmas) and place it in a pre-made scrapbook. It becomes a family album and it is so fun to see the changes every year.

Mark and I have had a significant change that is visible in each picture. The first year we had a wedding picture as well as a picture we took in Bethlehem. The second year a baby bump made an appearance in our card. The third year Elias was born and the fourth year Owen made his way into the picture.

What You Will Need:

  • A pre-made scrapbook
  • A new family picture each Christmas