One Habit You’ll Want to Form

It’s the New Year and everyone (you included I’m sure) has at least thought about some of the changes they want to embark on for 2014. When it comes to health and exercise they are numerous new habits to form. For most people weight loss and healthy eating comes to mind. Well, today I want to challenge you to take on one simple habit this year if you do not do this already. Drum roll please … drink more water

Water is an essential nutrient. We cannot survive long without water. It does various things in the body including carrying nutrients to cells, lubricating joints, detoxing the body, and helps with removing wastes …to name a few.

Today I am going to share simple tips to help you start incorporating more water into your routine.

Hydrating Yourself with Water Tips

1)    Change ALL your beverages to pure water. That’s for those go-getters in the group.

2)    Drink more caffeine free herbal teas.

3)    Buy yourself a glass or BPA free container and fill it with water- carry it with you at all times.

4)    Are you an active person? You really need more water then. Make sure you stay hydrated following intense workouts.

5)    Don’t like the taste of water? Try these simple ways to infuse your water:

  • Fresh herbs (mint, rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender, basil)
  • Vegetable (cucumber)
  • Fruits (berries, pineapple, lime, orange, kiwi)
  • Lemon Water

6)    Are you a soda drinker? If so, please quit. Sodas are one of the worst drinks you can give your body. Begin to replace one of your sodas each day with water. Take steps to reduce sugary beverages (soda or not) with water as you can.

7)    Are you a coffee drinker? Coffee has a diuretic effect so a good rule is to drink one glass of water for every cup of coffee you have.

8)    Invest in a good water filter to aid in eliminating harmful chemicals. Look into reverse osmosis as well.

9)    Last tip is to try to drink your water between meals instead of with meals as this will facilitate better digestion.

I hope these simple tips leave you feeling healthier and more hydrated in 2014! I would love to hear which ones you already incorporate into your lives?!

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