Life Lately | According to my iPhone

I have to tell you the funniest story.

I’ve been staying home a little more lately because of the crazy desire to deep clean and organize my house. I figured I should just go with it while I have the energy. It has been so wild I have even started ripping off old wallpaper in my bathroom so I can paint. That is the one room we didn’t paint when we moved in.  

As I’ve been cleaning, ripping off wallpaper, and organizing our lives, I’ve worn the same black zip up hoodie- like every day.  It’s one of those things that isn’t super cute, but it is really comfortable. And for some reason I loved it.

Suddenly it went missing…never to be seen again.

Two days ago I was sitting on my couch wishing I could find it when my thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. I opened the door to find an unexpected package.

As I opened the package you will not believe what I found.

It was a new black zip up hoodie from a blogging company. And this one is even cuter! It is like someone read my mind, rang the doorbell, and boom I had a new hoodie.

For some reason little things like that remind me that God sees me, knows me, and cares about me. It is the little joys in life.

We’ve had a lot of snow  in the last couple of weeks, so we went sledding in our back yard. It was actually scary. Elias and I turned in circles while flying down the hill. I’m glad you didn’t have to hear our wild screaming.

While inside Elias became quite the artist. He was constantly drawing. I absolutely love how little kids draw people with arms and legs coming out of their heads. I had to share Elias’ latest drawing- the bearded edition.  Elias has been preaching most days. He usually disappears for five minutes, comes down with a black jacket and a Bible and then goes for it- usually preaching from Genesis. My favorite part is when he asks for testimonies. Owen is usually called upon to share. I love our church and community there. I especially love Fully Alive at Five and Fully Alive Kids. This week we had the chance to meet up with some friends from church and celebrate a third birthday. The kids played at a gym and then we got lunch at Chick-Fil-A.There are so many birthdays in February among our friends. In years past it has been so crazy we’ve done one big party for everyone! But this year we had a special celebration for one of our friends at the Cheesecake Factory.

While Mark, Eleanor and I were at dinner my mom watched the boys and she did an Easter project with them. I love her project because it helps prepare their hearts for Easter and helps them remember why Jesus died on the cross and rose again.

Under the three crosses, in the dirt, the boys planted grass. So by the time Easter rolls around it should be green and full of life. As we water it every day we remember Jesus and what He has done for us.

  I hope your week in going great!