The 50 Hanger Closet

Give me ten minutes and I’ll tell you the truth about my closet.

A few months ago my closet looked like it got all dressed up for a fancy dinner and then fell down a flight of stairs. Shoes flew off and clothes were strewn about. It was a mess.

In order to find anything, I found myself digging through the ever growing pile of laundry that was forming in the middle of the floor.

I had had enough so one day I took everything I owned out of my closet. I threw all of my clothes, shoes, and accessories on my bed and got to work. Here is how I simplified and organized my closet.

  1. I purchased fifty coordinating hangers. I suggest finding ones that you really like and are a good quality.
  2. I formed three piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories: Love, Hate, and its ok.
  3. I purged. I found the items I love and wear often and kept them out. And the rest of the stuff was taking up valuable space and it had to go. I sold or gave away the “hate” and “it’s ok” piles. (If you feel unsure about purging that much, set the items aside for a month or two and when you haven’t missed them- then give them away).
  4. I hung up all of my freshly washed clothes on fifty hangers.
  5. I implemented a new rule: I will not go over fifty hangers. If I purchase something new, something old must go.

I didn’t share this the moment I organized my closet, because I wanted to see if it would realistically stay organized over a period of time. And now, months later, I am happy to report that I can still see the floor in my closet.

With less clothes, I am staying on top of my laundry better. Everything in my closet has a little home, and I am loving the simplicity of a fifty hanger closet.

A few other tips that helped me were:

  1. Keep all clothes in the closet. I like to keep everything in one central spot. I use small labeled bins for things that are hard to fold (ex: bras, panties, swim suits, socks, scarfs, etc…). I also use a few labeled bins for pants, leggings, skirts, t-shirts, pajamas, and other things that don’t need to be hung up.  
  2. Keep a laundry hamper in the closet. This keeps me from throwing dirty laundry on the floor and it keeps sorting laundry really simple.
  3. Get a shoe organizer. I will only keep as many shoes as will fit in the organizer. The same rule applies as with my hangers. If I get a new pair of shoes an old pair must go. (I do make an exception for a few pair of boots and tennis shoes because they do not fit.)   
  4. Choose quality over quantity. It is tempting to buy items because they are on sale, but with a limited amount of hangers and shoe space I will want to buy one quality piece over seven sale items.

My closet is now functional and simple. I love it!

How do you organize your closet? And what tips would you add to this list?