How To Have A Healthy Easter

It’s April! I personally cannot believe how fast the year is going by, but I welcome Spring with open arms. I’m sure I am not alone in this. Along with April comes Easter and today I want to give you some fun ways to make this Easter a little bit healthier for yourself and your family.

Usually Easter involves Easter egg hunts and lots of chocolate bunnies. Let’s change things up a little shall we?

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas:

• Toys are a must for the little ones. Even if it is as simple as Legos or coloring books. It’s not all about the candy.
• If you do want to give a treat I would suggest dark chocolate (70% or more) or try making these awesome Paleo Crème Eggs. They are so cute.
• You can also take your pick from this awesome list of real food treats. YUM!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas:

• Instead of filling up plastic eggs with more candy try hunting real eggs! Hard boil them first and dye them for that added fun. Or fill them up with money!
• Speaking of dyeing eggs Inspired RD shared a wonderful blog post on how to dye eggs naturally using real food! I am loving it!

Other Easter Family Activities:

• Get the whole gang and go for a nice walk in the sunshine.
• Toss a football or baseball.
• Ride bikes.
• Just get moving, together.

Ok there you have it. These are some easy tips to make things a little more “sweet” and healthy for you and your family. It’s fun being healthy!