The Grocery Cart Dilemma

Is it just me or does anyone else face the grocery cart dilemma?

You know the moment when you are in the Wal-Mart parking lot and you have to decide whether to put the buggy (as it is called in the south) back in the cart holder. Where it belongs!

If you are like me you may feel like you’ve just run a marathon after shopping. Keeping all the groceries in the cart feels like whack a mole. And moving the mountain of grocery bags should count as an Olympic sport.

Juggling my keys, purse, and cell phone while trying to find my debit card makes me feel like I’ve joined the circus. I feel bad for the person behind me.

By the time I’m to my car, I realize I did not park close to the cart holder. I am tempted to leave it by the front of my car. I imagine it. I release the handle bar and start to walk to my car when I suddenly remember the story my sister once told me of a runaway cart.

A poor shopper just like me, felt the lazy pull to leave their cart, and did. When the wind pushed the cart straight into someone’s car and scratched it, their evil fate befell them. Sued in the court of law- over a runaway shopping cart.

I couldn’t leave my cart now- not with that risk! But that is right when the dilemma hits. I have to leave it, because I can’t leave my kids in the car. Do I risk a runaway cart, or losing my children because I walked fifteen feet away? What should I do with the cart?



*image via Pinterest