SmartMom App

Do you have parenting questions? I definitely do. I love getting input and reviews on the best kind of strollers, baby carriers, and other products that moms love. I also love it when other ladies share fun activities that they do with their kids. Especially on rainy days when playing outside is more limited. There is a wealth of creativity out there.

Because many of us have probably found ourselves searching for this kind of information I thought I would introduce a fun app created just for moms. It is called SmartMom. This app is a fun, easy way to get advice from other parents. The community of first time parents all the way to seasoned parents are available to help offer input, encouragement, and various resources.

What is nice is that you can ask personalize questions and can get super fast answers. 75% of the questions asked on SmartMom are answered within ten minutes. Questions range from sleep, food, activities, to product reviews. Sample questions might be like, “When should I start sleep training my child?” or “How can I create healthy food my kids will actually enjoy?”

Not only can you ask question, you can give your input. What makes SmartMom really fun is that when you give your own advice you have a chance to win prizes. Each month the most helpful members of the SmartMom community are rewared with fantastic prizes like, free diapers for a year, new strollers, award-winning toys, breast pumps, and even nursery furniture.

Check them out on their blog or on twitter & facebook.