Travelers In Our Own City

This week we decided that we would become travelers in our own city. We tried to pause long enough to enjoy all the things around us that we normally walk right by. Our first stop was our favorite coffee shop downtown. We enjoyed mochas, scones, and then Mark read a chapter from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe to us. Mark pointed to a picture of Edmond asking, “Who is this?” Elias blurted out, “Judas!”

A little taken aback, we stared at him. “Who?” Mark questioned. “Judas” he answered confidently. We had to laugh because Edmond is portrayed as one who betrays just like Judas from the Bible, but we still have no idea how Elias came up with that. Maybe he should be a Literature major when he gets to college.

After we left the coffee shop we headed to the Mast General Store. I’ve always wanted to take the boys there and let them pick out a piece of candy. We walked around barrels full of candy until we each spotted our favorite kind. Then we were off- headed home for naps. I love having Mark home for the summer. I hope the kids always remember these fun summer days.


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