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One fun thing about blogging is having the opportunity to promote the things and people I love, and today I get to do just that. I’ve teamed up with the bloggers featured above to bring you guys a great giveaway. Just click on their pictures to say hello and discover some really great new blogs! But first, let me introduce you to Joanna, enthusiastic momma and inspiring creative. She has a contagious enthusiasm for beauty and artfully draws you in to her perspective on life through her BLOG and CRAFT. She has been so kind as to open up her heart a bit here and give you the chance to win one of her quilts.


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Why did you start Phoebe Flock and where does the name come from?

i started it because i love creating things. and i was running out of space in my house and people to give things to.

phoebeflock was actually first my blog name, then my business name. i love birds. and i also love the name phoebe. if our first born had been a girl, he would have been “phoebe.” one of the reasons i started my blog was because i really value community and blogs are just that: community. i thought of a group of birds. a flock. a community.

so, there you go. phoebe flock.


What got you started with sewing?

i had an idea for what i wanted the nursery bedding to look like when i was pregnant with my son, samuel. i had pictures in my head and no idea how to make them a reality. my mom came to visit and she helped. she gave me tools. she listened and instructed. we sewed and sewed and soon i had finished pieces in my hands. my ideas had become tangible and i was hooked. i had more pictures and concepts rolling around in my head and i wanted to hold them in my hands too. so i dug in.

What or who inspires you the most?

definitely stuff that God has made. i love seeing the color combinations He has put into place. dark grey tree bark with aqua lichen and an orange mushroom. the way a tree bends in the wind– toward the setting sun. the 5 blues on a bluebird. all of that. and the list is never exhausted– you’ve never seen it all. He made such cool stuff.

the need is also inspirational. my daughter wants a sleeping bag for her doll. hmm…. how can i use half ideas i already have in order to make something useful for her? without the need i’m sometimes stumped.

a need or a picture. one of those things has to be present in order for me to be inspired.


Tell us about your favorite project ever.

so difficult to choose! i think i’d have to pick the first quilt i made. i made it for samuel, including scrap fabric from so many places– jason’s shirts, and auntie’s shirt here and there, some left over things from his crib bedding. it is not a well made quilt at all, but it has a whole pile of love in it. and i remember how satisfying it was to see all of the tiny squares become bigger and bigger pieces. we all somehow end up under that quilt when we’re sick. it’s a good quilt- already falling apart, but good.


What would you say is the purpose of creativity in our lives, your life?

God is the Creator. He created it all. everything around, and in, us. when we create something, we are echoing His creative work. not only are we using gifts and materials He has given, but we are reminding ourselves, and the world that, yes, we are made in the image of God. He created- and, on a much lesser scale, i create.

the day-to-day purposes of the creative process is fleshed out in so many different ways in each of our lives– mine included. putting my creativity to work brings me joy and satisfaction.

i love creating. i think it’s one of His best ideas.


And here is the quilt you all are playing for. Thank you so much for supporting Phoebe Flock! Don’t forget to check out her SHOP.  It is absolutely gorgeous! And enjoy 10% off items in her shop with the code SUMMERFUN10

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