Life Lately According To My iPhone

I love summer! These past few weeks have been full of fresh flowers, camping, traveling to #TGCW14, and now spending lots of times with friends and family at home.

Our church has a special preaching class during the summer for men who are wanting to learn to teach in the church or even to their own families. Mark has participated for several years and is now teaching a few of the classes. And what is awesome is so many of the guys are getting seminary credit through Southern Seminary. I loved talking with him about his lessons especially after reading Women of the Word. There is such a need for Bible literacy, and I love that there are so many resources available to help people grow in learning how to read their Bibles.

Right now the boys’ social schedule is putting mine to shame. The play dates and little parties are keeping us busy! And they are having so much fun playing soccer. Elias has scored several goals during his games. We are totally those parents that jump up screaming, clapping and then high fiving one another while every one else is sitting quietly. It is embarrassing.

Owen is so funny to me. He is that two-year old that is running across the soccer field as fast as he can saying, “Me do it!” He is so energetic about soccer. I don’t think any of his games will ever be boring!

On the fourth of July we went to our first parade then we joined 60,000 people downtown to watch fireworks. We also saw an amazing display at my parent’s church the night before! At that one Owen kept saying, “Oh Wow! It’s so Beaut-i-ful!” It was so fun to watch him see his first fireworks show! Eleanor slept in my arms the whole time. I have no idea how, but she just passed out and stayed asleep through all the booming. Elias loved it too.

We’ve been working on taking down the wallpaper in the master bathroom so we can paint it. The wallpaper was coming off in pieces about the size of a postage stamp so it might turn into our three year project. But I can’t wait to share before and after pictures. It will look really different.

We are enjoying the last of our summer days. I love that fall will bring scheduled days, but I also love spending carefree days with family.