Women’s Devotional Bible Review

 One afternoon I tucked the kids into their beds for a little nap and pulled out my new ESV Women’s Devotional Bible. Sipping on my afternoon coffee, I read all of the major passages of Scripture that addressed women. This turned into one of my favorite assignments for Biblical Womanhood class.

As I read not only was I enlightened on the topic of womanhood, but I found that my devotional Bible was an incredibly valuable resource for strengthening women in their walks with Jesus.

For fun I read all of the devotions that were paired with the Scripture I was studying for my class. I was amazed at how the contributors of The ESV Women’s Devotional Bible provide intelligent, God-centered introductions to both the Old and New Testaments. A team of over 50 contributors invite us to draw near to a Triune God by providing robust, biblical teaching with grace-centered points of application that engage the heart. They invite us to with confidence and joy see our union with Christ.

This devotional Bible is applicable for women in any stage of life. It is theologically rich, but very accessible and practical. I highly recommend this Bible because is will serve people with their initial Bible questions, as well as those wishing to go deep in learning doctrine.

The Women’s Devotional Bible features materials such as book introductions, character sketches of key figures, daily devotionals, and all-new articles from contributors from all walks of life: professors, musicians, authors, counselors, homemakers, and conference speakers.

I appreciate the clear overview of the devotionals and they way that they interspersed through each book of the Bible. I especially loved reading the Old Testament devotionals because they pointed to Christ. What valuable information!

One of my favorite parts of this Bible was that the editors placed the 365 devotionals in Scriptural context. It wasn’t arranged by a calendar, and doesn’t leave the reader with that vague sense of guilt associated with “getting behind” in daily Bible reading.

As I read the Scripture paired with the devotionals I found myself expectantly opening God’s word to learn more about his new mercies, his plan of redemption, and his wonderful grace for sinners. I saw his love. I read about his sovereignty. I was drawn to my Savior.

The devotionals were personal but were very solid in biblical teaching. It wasn’t just various opinions, but the editors and contributors strove to be consistent with church history and the way God reveals himself in Scripture.

The ESV Women’s Devotional Bible helps us to see the big picture of who God is, who we are in Christ, and how God is working in this world. He is working for His glory and our good.

I would heartily recommend this Bible! And it is great that every print edition of the Women’s Devotional Bible comes with free access to the online edition, hosted at ESVBible.org. Online users can record their own notes, highlight and share verses, and follow reading plans.

For more information or to order your copy check out Crossway’s page.