Prepare Him Room

Having a special guest over is always exciting. Sometimes I am so thrilled that I’ll count down the days, plan special dinners, and try to put the house in perfect order. Advent is all about someone special coming. Advent means “to come.” It celebrates that Jesus came and stepped into our history in the form of a baby. Advent celebrates our great God’s coming to bring salvation to man.

In honor of this advent season, I wanted to share a fun way that you and your family can remember Jesus’ first coming as well as anticipate his second coming.

Prepare Him Room by Marty Machowski is a celebration of Christ’s birth during family devotions. This book was created to help families focus on Christ during the holidays and serves as a great tool to counter materialism and much of the commercialism that happens during the holiday season.

Amid the sparkling lights from a Christmas tree and a warm fireplace, Prepare Him Room strives to keep the Bible central in the home during the month of December. On this Advent journey the family can explore many significant prophecies of the Bible and how Christ fulfilled them. While each family is invited to step back in time and see Jesus  come through a virgin birth and bring about salvation for mankind, Machowski invites us to look forward to his second Advent (his return) as king.

The book is divided into four sections because of the four weeks in December. Each week begins on Sunday and there are three lessons per week, plus a story, and a song to accompany the devotion. I am very excited to dive into this book with my family in December.