Life Lately According To My iPhone

This week has been full. Eleanor turned one on Friday! I blinked and a whole year went by. On Friday night I had the privilege of attending a special Christmas event with Ann Voskamp. I went with my cousin, aunt, mom, sister, and sister-in-law. It was such a great time to focus on Jesus-our greatest gift.

On Saturday night Mark and I went to his work’s annual Christmas party. They have amazing food, a fun white elephant gift exchange, and a time of singing Christmas carols together.

Then on Sunday we had Eleanor’s birthday party with a few of our friends and family. I’ll share some pictures soon. I can’t believe she is ONE!
In other news a normal day in my life consists of 1) adventures with the wagon packed 2) roasting marshmallows over a wooden fire 3)lunch in a row and 4)afternoon snuggles. Yes! that day they were all in their pj’s at lunch time!