What Makes A Great Summer Camp Leader

Being a summer camp leader is much more difficult than it initially appears. Many people have fond memories of going to summer camp during their childhoods. As a result, they may end up projecting those memories and emotions onto the summer camp leaders themselves, hoping to replicate those experiences from the other side. People that enter the field will quickly find that being a summer camper and being a summer camp leader require vastly different skills.

People who are interested in becoming camp leaders should know that the job can certainly be a lot of fun, but it is still a demanding line of work. Taking the kids to summer camp has been a popular American tradition for a long time, and people have certain expectations when it comes to the summer camp experience.


Summer camp leaders are going to be in charge of planning and organising the camp activities. As a result, a summer camp leader should have a strong creative streak. They need to have an idea of what kids enjoy, and they will often need to be able to put their own creative twists on many standard camp activities. There are plenty of American summer camps. Part of running a successful summer camp in America involves making it both unique and exciting.

Physical fitness

There are plenty of different types of American summer camps, but many of them emphasise outdoor activities. While the camp counsellors are going to be leading the campers on most of those activities, the camp leaders will still need to be able to handle the physical demands of the job. Summer camp leaders don’t have to be in perfect shape, but they still need to be reasonably athletic individuals that enjoy the outdoors.


Summer camp leaders are not necessarily going to have a clear set of tasks ahead of them to get through each day according to a very specific schedule. They may certainly have a plan or a schedule involved, but many unexpected things are going to happen along the way. Camp leaders have to be the sort of people who thrive under circumstances like these.

People management

Summer camp leaders will have to coordinate many different camp counsellors and other camp employees, and that’s in addition to working with the campers themselves. The camp counsellors and campers will probably come from all sorts of different backgrounds. Many camps feature employees and guests from all over the world.

Being good with children is a given when it comes to being a summer camp leader, but it is also worth bearing in mind that camp leaders are going to be working with children from all walks of life. Some camp counsellors are going to be college students or high school students that are trying to raise money for school, while some of them may be recent college graduates that are trying to get established. Summer camp leaders have to be able to work with people from these demographics, as well.

Success as a summer camp leader

All summer camp leaders will gradually develop their skills as they gain more experience. People that have many of the necessary abilities and interests will probably be right for the job, even if they currently lack experience. New summer camp leaders will appreciate the job, and all of its challenges.