Baker Family Christmas 2014

A few weeks ago the kids helped Mark and I put up the Christmas tree. Christmas music filled the house as we hung the stockings over the fireplace. A wreath with a red bow hung on our front door, and twinkle lights sparkled on our tree by the time we were finished. We were ready for Christmas. All I needed to do was wrap presents, which I did at 11p.m. the night before. There is nothing like waiting until the last minute. Just imagine a blurry eyed mom with scissors and jagged paper- that about sums it up.

I love having family in town. We usually end up doing a giant circle around the city to see all of our families for Christmas. On the 23rd we went over to my parent’s house for a wild and crazy Christmas with 8 adults and six kids all under the age of 4. I’m surprised we didn’t lose a kid by the end with all the wrapping paper we tore through. It was so fun.

On Christmas day we headed over to Mark’s parent’s house and the boys had a blast wrestling their uncle Nathan. We had a wonderful meal and shared presents with one another. It was perfect.

We decided to have our little family Christmas on Christmas Eve. The kids wore matching jammies and were so excited when morning came.

I loved Christmas as a kid. My parents always made it so fun for us and I always looked forward to it. It is hard to believe but it is almost more fun having kids and watching them on Christmas morning. My kids still show big reactions when they open their presents so it is hard not to laugh and be excited with them.

Here is a short video of the fun!
We are still laughing about the fact that Eleanor liked her snack more than her present!

Christmas jammies courtesy of Southern Tots