Eleanor’s First Birthday // Frozen Party

Eleanor is ONE!!!

To celebrate we invited our friends and family over. We ate pizza, opened presents, and built snowman out of marshmallows. We went with a Frozen theme and had a lot of fun with it!

Eleanor seemed to really enjoy her first taste of cake. Her fingers were so prissy as she was grabbing it. It was precious.

My brother and nephew came.

Owen helped Eleanor open her presents and then showed her what to do with them. He is such a sweet big brother. And if anyone LOVES Eleanor it is Owen. They are such sweet little friends.

My sister-in-law Allie and I had a few minutes to chat during the party. It was fun to have her there.

My sister Dani and mom also came.

A lot of church friends also made it. I was really surprised anyone could come with how crazy December can get.

My friend Jessica and her daughter made it.

Eleanor enjoyed wearing her princess dress.

Twin cousins!

My friend Devon came and brought her kids.

Right before it was time for cake Mark prayed for Eleanor and gave her a sweet blessing. She is our miracle baby and we will always be thankful for her precious life.

After cake the kids built snowmen out of marshmallows and we played “Do you wanna build a snowman” really loud. I’m sure all of the parents were thrilled with hearing that song for the millionth time.

Owen dressed up as spider man for the party. Just because.

Somehow Eleanor just knew it was her party and she was actually really happy about it.

Eleanor has so many fun new toys to play with.   

Happy Birthday little Eleanor! I can’t believe you are one.  We love you.