Kicking Off The New Year

I love new beginnings and fresh starts! New Year’s day is exciting, and I love all the lists, plans and new ideas. But I’ve seen the clock strike midnight enough times to know that sometimes it is easy to drop the ball. Even amid all the silly glasses, party hats, lights, and glitter, resolve holds hands with failure because goals are too broad and discipline wants to hide under the covers when the alarm goes off on January 3rd. Knowing this struggle, I’ve changed my strategy. I’m making a PLAN.

P- Plan your goals with precision, positivity, and according to your priorities. I always start with my priorities. What are your priorities? Once I have those listed, I move to setting goals within each category. I’ve found that the more precise in setting goals, the more likely I am to finish and accomplish my goal. For instance if I list, “write a book” I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that, but if I say “write 12 pages on how to be a better blogger by March 1st” I have something I can actually work on now. Also try to keep every goal positive. Instead of listing “Don’t be a terrible friend” write something like, “Send Becky a card for her birthday.” As you are planning remember the three p’s and then pick a date, or a time of day to accomplish your goal. Always attach a time to the goal.

L- List your goals in a journal. This year I ordered a new personalized journal from Tiny Prints that I love. A fresh journal is so inspiring and I usually can’t wait to fill all the pages with lists and goals. I try to write down each goal as specifically as possible and working from my priorities, while staying positive and remaining precise.

A- Achieve your goals by creating an action plan. Ask yourself the how and why questions. Why do I want to do this goal? Writing that out in your journal will add motivation. Next ask, “How can I accomplish this?” This might mean adding a little accountability. Booking a flight, setting a time, etc.. It is important to write out your little action plan.

N- Now is the time! Start now. Don’t wait until later to start working on your goals. Start now even if you only accomplish a little bit. Remember each day is a fresh start. Each hour has new potential. And really sometimes I find it more helpful to think of today’s resolution, rather than an a whole year’s resolution. Take one step. And remember each new journey starts with a one step forward.

Happy Goal Setting!