Winter Days with FabKids

Winter wraps her arms around us as if she too is trying to stay warm. Our little house perched on a hill welcomes us to stay inside. A fire crackles. Tongues of fire lick the air. Billowing out of the chimney, smoke rises to hold hands with the clouds. Echoing off our walls rings fresh laughter. Six tiny feet pitter patter as a new game ensues. Dressed in their best and favorite FabKids clothes, one boy dives into a headstand. A fresh pot boils- beans and meat mixed with a delicious sauce. The warm scent walks down the hall inviting us to come to the table. I’m thankful for these winter days.

We love to spend these cold winter days (mostly) at home… 

1. We love to read books. A few of our favorites children’s books right now are: We Are Going On A Bear Hunt; Paddington Bear Goes To Market; and the Llama llama books. Each page is a new adventure and my kids love acting out the stories we’ve read together.

2. We love to build block towers and towns. It is amazing what kids can create. From castles to creatures the possibilities are endless. One of these days I need to create a blog post that is full of Elias’ block creations. Some of them are so fun.

3. We love to draw on our chalk board wall. I don’t imagine that everyone has a chalkboard wall at home, but coloring, drawing, and painting at the table might be a fun winter activity. My kids love to draw, especially pictures of our family. And they like to draw rainbows. I don’t know where that one came from.

4. We love to play games. Board games are fun. Card games are great. But most of all my kids like “make-believe” type games.
5. We love to watch the rain fall and pop like bubbles in our back yard. If it were snowing where we live, you could count on us to be outside sledding down the hill in the back yard.

A few other ideas are…

6. Make hot chocolate together
7. Go sledding.
8. Measure the snowfall.
9. Visit a local library and read together.
10. Build a fort in the living room.
11. Teach your kids how to make an easy recipe.
12. Explore an indoor garden.
13. Ice skate.
14. Visit a museum.
15. Find an indoor playground.
16. Play indoor soccer.
17. Take an art class together.
18. See a play.
19. Play outside even when it is freezing!
20. Read a book out loud as a family.

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