Eye Heart Glasses

As a writer, my day-to-day consists of looking for and finding new things that inspire fresh creativity. A passion for words and stories seems to course through my veins. Curiosity hunts through books, papers, and blogs, wearing an ever watchful eye. I love pulling out a pen to journal- recording a new thought or an idea. Because much of my time is spent reading and writing, I have been looking for a good pair of glasses. My dilemma- I am a stay at home mom with three energetic kids, and I can’t seem to find time to go pick out glasses at the store, so last week I decided to order a new pair online from Firmoo. I am so glad I did!   Here are a few tips I learned while ordering online…

1. Choose glasses that complement your face shape. If you are like me and don’t exactly know what would look best, you can check out this article of face shapes, and you can do a free virtual try on at Firmoo.

2. Pick frames that match your personal style. Have fun with the frame, color, and style. Let your glasses be a fun expression of your personality. 3. Know your prescription. When ordering online it is important to have all of your information on hand. 4. Know your Pupillary Distance (PD). That is exactly what is sounds like- the distance (in mm) between the pupils of your eyes. The easiest way to get this is to ask your doctor, but if you want to measure it at home you can learn how here.

5. Know how to read your prescription information. Remember that OD is the right eye, OS is the left eye. DV is distance vision. NV is near vision. If you have questions, call your doctor. 6. Choose a color that compliments your features. Black highlights and outlines eyes. And glasses that contrast the tone of your face and hair will stand out more. How much of a statement do you want to make?

7. Ask for a second opinion. Grab your best friend, spouse, mom, or sister and get their thoughts.

8. Take the plunge and order your glasses.  Ordering my glasses probably took me a grand total of five minutes. It was so easy! And it was great, a few days later my glasses were delivered straight to my mailbox.

9. Enjoy your new glasses.

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