A Few Favorites

A Few Favorites…
1. Running! It is officially Couch to 5K season. Last year I seriously only ran twice (in the frigid, lung burning, coldness of outside) before running the 5k. Bad idea. Oh! And to make the race even more fun, I had just had a baby. Needless to say I am improving my strategy this year. Mark and I got gym memberships and are actually running before hand. High fives all around.
2. Frappuccinos. These fun drinks are still a favorite.
3. Reading.If I could spend all day reading, I probably would. One of my favorite quotes recently has been from Charles Spurgeon. He said…

“The way to do a great deal, is to keep on doing a little. The way to do nothing at all is to be continually resolving that you will do everything.”

I love this quote, because I naturally tend to be an all or nothing type of person. I had a long to-do list this week. So on Monday I just started to do a little and by the end of the day I was amazed at what I had check off the list.

4. iPhone. I like having my phone for many reasons, but lately I have listened to a lot of music on it. And I also love seeing everyone’s fun pictures and posts on their social media feeds.
5. Essie nail polish. I am having so much fun trying new nail colors. What are some of your favorites?
6. Lip gloss. Love that stuff.
7. Mystery Mascara. This week I loved trying out an exclusive sneak peek of Popsugar and Sephora’s mystery mascara. It has innovative brush hooks that show a visible lift in the lashes. And it helps hold a super-curl that last up to 12 hours. I was so happy with it!   

8. Keeping a diary. I learn so much from writing! I recently shared 7 other reasons why I love doing that here.   

9. My Kids. I couldn’t end this post without mentioning my kiddos. I love them beyond words and have so much fun with each one of them.